Imperial Bathrooms

Imperial Bathrooms

The collections in this guide are dedicated to those who truly recognise quality and individuality when they see it. The kind of hand-crafted perfection that no mere machine alone can truly replicate.

Take a close look at the finish of any piece of Imperial ceramic ware and you will discover a flawlessly smooth surface beneath layer after layer of Imperial’s brilliant glaze. Notice how our bathroom furniture is made the traditional way with jointed solid wood and genuine wood veneers. Feel the reassuring strength and weight of our brassware, because beneath its Chrome or Antique Gold finish it really is manufactured from cast brass to last a lifetime, or more.

These are just a few examples of the way Imperial is showcasing the very finest British traditions of quality around the world. And as for the way our bathrooms look, we are delighted to say that they speak for themselves.

We want to spoil you for choice with our collections, but we also want to make choosing a simple pleasure. Our design team has arranged our ceramic ware, basin stands and furniture into a series of Imperial collections. Each one comprises a co-ordinated selection of pieces that go beautifully together in virtually any combination. You can then go on to aid your own choices of brassware, bath, tiling, lighting, mirrors and accessories to create the stunningly distinctive bathroom you have always promised yourself.

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