Main Image Creating A Family-Friendly Bathroom With Style
29 August 2017
When you have one bathroom to serve the whole family, you want to be sure it’s a suitable space for everyone from young to old. You want it to be stylish but it also has to be functional, practical and safe and this can be a difficult balance to find. Here we’ve put together a few tips to help you create a family-friendly bathroom with style…
Main Image Create Big Impact In Your Bathroom With Tiles
07 August 2017
Tiles are a great way to introduce colour, pattern and texture into your bathroom. They can transform a plain bathroom suite into something really special, whether that’s with a complete covering, a feature wall or a design accent, you can really get creative with tiles in the bathroom! Here are a few ideas from us…
Main Image Why A Vanity Unit Is The Must-Have Piece Of Bathroom Furniture
21 August 2017
When it comes to renovating or updating your bathroom, you definitely want to consider a vanity unit. Combining functionality with style, this piece of furniture is becoming essential for any bathroom, big or small.
Main Image The Biggest Bathroom Trends of 2017
14 August 2017
We’re over half way through the year, so we’ve rounded up the bathroom design and decor trends that seem to be here to stay!