Main Image Quick And Easy Improvements To Update Your Bathroom
31 July 2017
A complete bathroom renovation isn’t always possible, whether that’s due to time or money constraints, for most of us it just isn’t feasible. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things you can do to modernise your bathroom that don’t require the same investment of time and money. There are plenty of small improvements you can make to update your bathroom space.
Main Image Minimalist Chic In The Bathroom
10 July 2017
Minimalist style is perfectly suited to the bathroom, where it’s so easy for the clutter to build up. The simplicity creates a calming environment, which after all is what you want for a bathroom!
Main Image DIY Tiling Project: Tips & Advice For Getting It Right
24 July 2017
Here are a few pointers from us to make sure you get the perfect finish on your tiling!
Main Image Tips For Cleaning Your Bathtub
03 July 2017
It’s no-one’s favourite job, but the bathtub needs a good scrubbing every now and again if you want to avoid soap scum marks, mildew and grime building up. But it doesn’t have to be a big arduous task, if you follow our helpful tips you’ll have a sparkling bathtub with minimum effort!
Main Image How To Add A Bit Of Character To Your White Bathroom Suite
17 July 2017
The all-white bathroom suite is a classic choice, it’s timeless and simple but it can also be a bit uninspiring from a design point of view! It can leave the room feeling stark and bare, when it really needs a little something to breathe some life back into it. Here are a few design ideas from us to inject some personality into your white bathroom suite…