Main Image Trend Watch: How To Use Grey In Your Bathroom Design
30 May 2017
You might think of it as a colour that is uninspiring, industrial and reminiscent of rainy days, but you couldn't be further from the truth! Grey is the must-have colour for interior design at the moment, and the bathroom is no exception.
Main Image How A Few Simple Accessories Can Transform Your Bathroom
08 May 2017
Tired of your dull, plain old bathroom suite but not in the market for a remodel? Never underestimate the power of accessories to transform your bathroom from drab to fab!
Main Image Brightening Up Your Bathroom With A Splash Of Paint
22 May 2017
Is your bathroom suite feeling tired, dull and in need of a little livening up? You don't have to rip out the whole suite and start again with a complete remodel, adding a splash of paint is a simple, quick way to inject some vibrancy into your bathroom without breaking the bank, so grab some tester pots and give it a go!
Main Image Monochrome Bathroom Design
01 May 2017
When it comes to bathroom decor, going with a monochrome colour scheme is a classic choice. It guarantees you timeless style and a bathroom suite that won't date.
Main Image How To Create Classic Period Style In Your Bathroom
15 May 2017
Whether you are looking to bring your bathroom in line with your home’s styling or perhaps you are just looking to create something more inviting than a simple, minimalist modern design, creating an elegant period-style bathroom doesn’t have to be a hassle. With a few well-chosen statement pieces and some clever design, you can create a bathroom space with real vintage character.