Main Image Getting The Most Out Of An En-Suite Bathroom Space
24 April 2017
Having an en-suite bathroom is a fabulous luxury, as well as being a great boost to the value of your house and easing the strain on the queue for the main bathroom in the mornings! But maximising the potential of a small bathroom space such an en-suite isn't easy, so here are a few design and planning tips from us to help you out.
Main Image Bathroom Design Tips
03 April 2017
With the sun shining, everything seems better - even a tired bathroom! As the light streams through the curtains or blinds, even an avocado suite can start to look fetching with a golden hue upon it. So whether your bathroom is crying out for some taste and a modern twist or simply needs a little lift, you may want to think about its design and areas for improvement.
Main Image How To Reduce Humidity In Your Bathroom
17 April 2017
Of course, the bathroom is likely to be the room in your house that is most prone to excess moisture and humidity and this can lead to problems with damp, mould and mildew. The build up of warm air, especially in the colder winter months, can be tricky to manage but is something you should be mindful of if you want to avoid a build up of associated problems.
Main Image Shower vs. Bath
10 April 2017
Just because the space where you clean and freshen yourself contains the word "bath" it doesn't necessarily mean it's a given that the bathtub has the upper hand against its archenemy, the shower.