Main Image 5 Bathroom Interior Ideas
20 November 2017
Are you planning on a bathroom renovation for the New Year? There’s a whole world of design ideas out there and it’s exciting to have a blank canvas to create your ideal bathroom. Whether you’re looking to go for something more traditional, or you prefer an ultra modern look, here are a few ideas from us for your new bathroom interior design…
Main Image Stay Warm This Winter! Top Tips For Keeping The Heat In Your Bathroom
10 November 2017
There’s nothing worse than getting out of bed and stepping into a chilly bathroom bleary eyed on a wintery Monday morning! It can be tricky to keep the bathroom warm over the winter months and blasting the radiator can make your energy bills skyrocket. Investing in good insulation will stand you in good stead and reduce your energy bills in the long term, but you can also increase the heat in the bathroom to warm things up.