Main Image Summer Bathroom Trends 2016
25 July 2016
Summer has arrived and with it has come longer days and lighter nights. This is the time of year to take a good look at your bathroom and see how you can freshen it up. We've had a look at the round-up of the latest trends.
Main Image Benefits Of Installing A Downstairs Bathroom
04 July 2016
You may be wondering whether or not it is a good idea to install a downstairs bathroom in your home. There is a lot of benefits to be had by doing so, including additional privacy, less demand on bathroom time, a place guests to use, and the convenience of not running up stairs every time nature calls.
Main Image How To Make More Space In Your Bathroom
18 July 2016
Whether your bathroom is large or small you will inevitably find at some stage that you need more room. Let’s face it – we all accumulate too much stuff, even in the smallest room – and eventually have to figure out how to get more space. We’ve come up with a few ideas for you to try.
Main Image How To Fix Common Bathroom Problems
11 July 2016
As one of the most frequented rooms in your home, it’s no surprise that your bathroom is subject to the odd problem here and there. And whilst some of them are major issues that require professional attention, such as major leaks or cracked tiles, there are some common problems that you can fix with relative ease and little expense yourself if you know how.