Main Image Prepping your Bathroom for the Ultimate Soak
31 May 2016
Your bathroom should be more than just a functional room; it should be a place for relaxation and indulgence, whether you want to take a load off after a long day or simply get a little piece of quiet and time to yourself.
Main Image Tell-tale Signs You May Need To Renovate Your Bathroom
09 May 2016
Renovating your bathroom may be one of those jobs that you keep putting off, but paying close attention to the signs that it’s not fulfilling your needs and requires of a little attention is important.
Main Image New Technology For The Bathroom
23 May 2016
Whilst kitchens and living rooms have long been the place for high tech gadgets and devices, the bathroom has for the most part been left on the back burner, until now! It seems that our functional bathrooms are now fully equipped for the future with a whole host of new technology that will blow your mind.
Main Image What's The Best Type Of Shower For A Family Bathroom?
03 May 2016
Options for shower designs and features are basically endless nowadays, with so many interesting and useful products available.
Main Image Installing a New En-Suite – What You Need to Know
16 May 2016
There are varying reasons why you may decide to install an ensuite in your home. Perhaps the children are growing up and hogging the family bathroom! Or you may want an ensuite for your guest room. Whatever the reason, there are things you need to consider before you start.