Main Image The Importance Of Planning Your New Bathroom
29 March 2016
As one of the most important aspects of a home your new bathroom should be both practical and stylish. It is a good idea to take into consideration the layout, finish and overall appearance to ensure the space meets its full potential.
Main Image Minimalist or Baroque - What Your Bathroom Style Says About You
07 March 2016
Just like every other room in your home, your bathroom is a direct reflection of your character and personality. So what does your choice of bathroom style actually say about you?
Main Image Radiator or Heated Towel Rail - What's Best For Your Bathroom?
21 March 2016
When fitting a new bathroom or sprucing up your existing one, there are so many different decisions to make about things like tiling, taps and flooring; and there are all different kinds of showers and baths to choose from to turn your old bathroom into the perfect relaxation space for you and your loved ones.
Main Image Bathroom Condensation - How To Deal With It
14 March 2016
Condensation is one of the biggest bathroom problems there is. Bathrooms are very often humid places, especially so during the autumn and winter seasons when there’s less natural ventilation and the windows and exterior walls are much colder.