Main Image New Ideas For Bathroom Walls
29 February 2016
The bathroom is often one room of the house that gets somewhat overlooked from a design point of view, but with bathrooms being such a key feature in valuing a home perhaps more attention should be given to these spaces.
Main Image How To Create A Bathroom For Couples
08 February 2016
Living together as a couple is not always easy, especially with the added complication of badly designed bathroom.
Main Image 4 things that can go wrong with bathroom design
22 February 2016
Designing your bathroom is an exciting task as you get to add your own ideas into a space that visitors will usually see when they come over, in addition to creating a relaxing space that you’ll love to spend time in.
Main Image Flooring Options for your Bathroom
01 February 2016
When selecting a flooring product for you bathroom, many of the same factors need to be considered as when choosing flooring for elsewhere in your home, as it is important to choose a product that is durable, looks good and feels good as well.
Main Image The Importance of Having Your Bathroom Professionally Installed
15 February 2016
Having a new bathroom fitted is a source of excitement and anticipation.