Main Image Creating A Feature Wall In Your Bathroom
29 November 2016
Creating a feature wall in your bathroom is the perfect way to jazz up your decor without overwhelming the room with patterns and colours. It's a fun and easy project and is sure to give your bathroom a new lease of life. There are lots of design options you could go for, but here are a few ideas from us...
Main Image Preparing Your Bathroom For Winter
07 November 2016
With the colder weather drawing in and the frosty mornings becoming more and more frequent, it's important that your bathroom is ready to withstand the plummeting temperatures and keep you toasty warm on those wintery mornings.
Main Image Making The Most Of Your Cloakroom Space
22 November 2016
Installing a small downstairs bathroom in your cloakroom space is a great addition to any home and will certainly add to the value of your house, so don't neglect it - make the most of your space!
Main Image Theme Ideas For Redecorating Your Bathroom
14 November 2016
Choosing a theme for your bathroom is a great way to bring all the elements together - the walls, decor, furniture and accessories. If you have a theme to follow then you can create an elegant, well put-together feeling to a room with minimal effort.