Main Image Bathroom Etiquette – Do’s and don’t of the bathroom!
25 September 2015
Everyone knows the basics when it comes to using a bathroom, in regards to hygiene and function, however being educated in bathroom etiquette is just as important.
Main Image Top 5 High-Tech Bathrooms
08 September 2015
Modern technology has turned a significant corner over the last decade. Isn’t is astonishing to think that just ten years ago, few people had mobile phones, taking a photo on one was unthinkable, the internet was just gaining popularity and the word ‘selfie’ didn’t exist?
Main Image Bringing bold colours into your bathroom
21 September 2015
The bathroom is a calm, serene environment where subtle, subdued hues are often used to create that feeling of Zen.
Main Image Bathroom Installation DIY Disasters
03 September 2015
Most of us know from experience that it is much better (and safer!) to invest in a professional than to ‘do it yourself’ when it comes to complex projects like major building work, kitchen and bathroom fitting.
Main Image Wood Effects in Bathrooms
15 September 2015
Wood effect is the décor buzzword for bathrooms right now.