Main Image Nautical but nice – a bathroom trend that never goes out of style
21 July 2015
Interior styles adapt and change constantly just like high fashion – but bathrooms tend to have several constant, classic styles which are revisited time and time again.
Main Image Mirror storage is back in fashion
06 July 2015
In recent years, any mirrored surface that doesn’t sit neatly on a wall for us to inspect ourselves in has been relegated to the flash interior past of the 80s, or reserved for swanky bars and nightclubs where finding a surface you can’t see yourself in is tricky to say the least.
Main Image Maximising Your Cloakroom Space
01 July 2015
The dreaded cloakroom – the dual-purpose dumping ground of various coats, jackets, scarves and shoes which feels endlessly untidy and hopelessly frustrates you each time you go to find what you are looking for.