Main Image 7 bathroom decor sins you should never commit
26 October 2015

Slippery flooring

One of the major sins you need to avoid in your bathroom is slippery flooring. Unless you like visiting emergency rooms, slippery flooring is a big no-no in any bathroom. Avoid glossy tiles and polished stone for your flooring; instead go for something will a little more grip and traction. But please DON’T install carpets in your bathroom! Just don’t!

Not enough waterproofing

As your bathroom needs to be functional, you need to make sure your bathroom is adequately waterproofed. If there is not enough waterproofing, especially around baths, showers, sinks and toilets, it could lead to damage to the walls and floor of you bathroom.

Door-facing toilet

Another décor sin in any bathroom is to have the toilet facing the bathroom door. There is always that one-house guests who forgets to lock the door and you do not want to open the door and immediately be confronted with someone on the loo. Obscure toilets behind walls if possible, or use a screen to add privacy.

No colour

There is nothing worse than boring 4x4 white tiles converting an entire bathroom. It looks clinical and devoid of any personality. Try to add a little colour, a theme, and a piece of you into the design. You will spend a lot of time in your bathroom every day and you want it to be a room that you enjoy being in and can relax in.

No natural light

Natural light is very important in a bathroom. It brightens the room and creates a relaxed atmosphere. Bathrooms that don’t have any form of natural light can appear creepy and dingy. Natural light can be brought into any bathroom using frosted glass, skylights or even a glass block in the floor to bring in light from the room below.

Do your maths

It is essential when you decorating your bathroom that you make sure you have done your maths correctly. Check and double check. There is nothing worse than tiling almost the entire room to find out that you don’t have enough of a particular tile to finish your design or your strip of patterned tiles doesn’t meet in the middle


Every bathroom needs an extractor fan to help prevent condensation build up and get rid of any nasty smells. In the building trade this is called a fart fan (no really, it is!). These are often the cheapest of fans and are loud and make a horrible noise. Invest in a good quality, quiet fan so that you aren’t ashamed to use it when you need to.

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