Main Image Bathroom Flooring – Choosing the perfect finish
30 September 2014
The flooring in a bathroom is an integral part of your finish, and chances are you’ll want it to look stylish yet practical.
Main Image Planning Your Bathroom and Making Sure it fits
15 September 2014
One of the most important, and initial, stages of bathroom planning is to measure your bathroom.
Main Image Bathroom Condensation: How to Deal With it
25 September 2014
Condensation is one of the biggest bathroom problems there is.
Main Image Natural Ways of Cleaning Your Bathroom
03 September 2014
People nowadays, more than ever, are aware of their carbon footprints.
Main Image Optimising your bathroom use to save on water
19 September 2014
Being smart about how much water you use in the bathroom will not only help the planet, it can help your bank balance too!