Main Image How to fit a bath - part 2: Installing a new bath
27 May 2014
Once you a ready to install your new bath, assemble your bath according to the manufacturer's instructions. Do this on a clean, level surface covered in old carpet or underlay to protect the rim.
Main Image Carpeting your bathroom, is it possible?
01 May 2014
Some may not agree, but bathroom carpets can be a great alternative to tiles, wood, vinyl or lino.
Main Image How to fit a bath - part 1: removing the old suite
20 May 2014
Gone are the days when baths could only be removed and fitted by plumbers. The advent of the Internet has made DIY much more appealing to those who aren't qualified tradesmen and provides some excellent, informative advice. It's now very common for people to do their own jobs such as tiling, plastering and fitting baths.
Main Image Can I really have an en suite?
15 May 2014
An en suite bathroom is a bathroom that is adjoined to a bedroom, most commonly a master bedroom, but they can adjoin any bedroom if there's enough space.