Choosing The Right Furnishings For Your Cloakroom Bathroom

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When designing a cloakroom bathroom, space is often at a premium and you need to be smart in your choice of furnishings to ensure you maximise the room’s potential.

Slimline furnishings and smart storage solutions are the name of the game, but when it comes down to basics you need to be sure you’ve got the right toilet and basin to fit the space. If you need some ideas on how best to make your cloakroom work for you, look no further...

Wall Hung Units

Wall hung furnishings are ideal for a cloakroom bathroom. Wall hung or back to wall toilets are perfect, they don’t take up too much space and have concealed cisterns and shorter projection. Being wall hung, they create the illusion of more space, as the floor area isn’t all being taken up (this also makes cleaning the bathroom much easier!).

Corner Units

If you are working with a particularly small or perhaps an awkwardly shaped cloakroom bathroom space, then you might want to consider getting corner units for your toilet and basin. This is a really stylish alternative to give your cloakroom some character whilst maximising on what might otherwise be wasted floor space.

Combined Units

You might not have though of it, but a combined toilet and sink unit could be the perfect space saving solution for your cloakroom bathroom if you are particularly tight on space. Practical, space saving but without compromising on design, these units combine a compact toilet with basin, installed at the wall with a concealed cistern. If this isn’t for you, you might prefer to go for a wall hung toilet and a separate cloakroom vanity unit. That is, a basin and storage unit combined, giving you that much need smart storage space.

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