Crafts In The Bathroom: DIY Accessories

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Hand made accessories are the perfect way to get a unique eclectic look for your bathroom decor. Get crafty and create the perfect accessory for your bathroom with a few helpful ideas from us…

Picture Frames

Picture frames are an easy way to get creative with DIY bathroom décor. You can buy cheap wooden frames and paint them up or decorate them as you choose. Go for quirky items such as shells and nautical style material, or perhaps use fabric swatches or metallic paints. Upcycling old picture frames or creating something new is a cheap and fun way to add character to your bathroom.

Basket Weaving

Having a well organised bathroom is all about having the right storage solutions, something that looks nice whilst also being functional. Plastic containers are dull and not exactly chic, so why not give basket weaving a try? It’s a simple way to make containers with a bit more character, and they’re fun to make too! Choose a material that matches your bathroom décor, or go for something bright and colourful to create some statement pieces.

Crochet Plant Holders

We’ve spoken in previous blog posts about the advantages of adding some greenery to your bathroom. Don’t think you have to stick with plain terracotta or plastic plant tubs though! Why not give crocheting a try? Choose a strong, good quality wool to weave your basket and then gently place your plant pot inside. Instant eclectic style!

DIY vs Shopping Online

Of course, we aren’t all crafty and not everyone enjoys getting stuck into a DIY project. That doesn’t mean that you can’t add those homemade touches to your bathroom. Head online to places such as Etsy or Not On The High Street for a raft of creative, eclectic pieces for your bathroom décor. Or how about heading to your local market and supporting local businesses by buying their homemade items – your bathroom will be one of a kind.

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