Add A Touch Of Luxury To Your Bathroom Decor

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The bathroom should be a place for escape and relaxation. Whether it’s just for a quick morning shower to wake yourself up, or to enjoy a long soak in the bath after a hard day, your bathroom should be a space where you can indulge in a little luxury and self-care. There are lots of ways to introduce a little luxury into your bathroom, from small and inexpensive additions to the more extravagant…


Stylish accessories are a cheap and easy way to give your bathroom a luxury feel. Think what you might see in a spa or hotel bathroom and try to emulate that. Cotton wool displayed in glass jars, decorative bowls with potpourri, ornate soap dishes; small, stylish finishes that also serve as elegant storage solutions.

Soft Touches

There is nothing that feels quite as luxurious as wrapping yourself in a big, fluffy towel after a bath or shower. Invest in some high quality towels and you can have that luxury spa experience every day. Think about a bath mat to match as well, something soft and welcoming to temper the shock of stepping out of the warm shower onto the cold floor!


Adding some custom design touches to your bathroom décor is a really creative way to add luxury and style to the space. You could upcycle an old chair for example, with plush textiles to add some vintage style and comfort. Or how about painting your existing furniture or maybe a mirror frame? You could try using metallic paint to get the luxury effect of silver and gold finishings without the price tag.


A large mirror is the perfect statement centrepiece for any bathroom, but it is absolutely perfect for creating a luxury feel. Choose a large mirror that will create a feeling of more space and openness, with an ornate and stylish frame that will be a real focal point.

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