Summer Style For Your Bathroom

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Summer is here and the long, warm and bright days are stretching out before us - hopefully they're here to stay!

At this time of year, you may well be spending most of your time outdoors in the garden (whether that's your own or the pub's!) but don't neglect your interiors! At the end of a long hot day there's nothing better than a refreshing shower, so bring a bit of summer style into your bathroom with a few tips from us...

Open Up

If the changing seasons have got you feeling like you want to make a big change and remodel or redesign your bathroom, then a light-filled, open and airy design is going to bring the summer into your space. A wet room or a walk-in shower with glass panels is the perfect way to open up your bathroom and maximise the space, removing boundaries and creating spacious style. Install underfloor heating and your bathroom will keep you cosy through the winter months as well!

Pretty Pastels

We did a blog on this recently for spring, but the pastel colour trend carries through to the summer months very well. Pastel hues soften a room and the pale tones will make the space feel lighter and brighter. For the walls, we're big fans of a pale duck egg blue, sherbet lemon or lovely lilac. Don't fancy getting the paint rollers out? You can incorporate pastels colours into your accessories; pale pink towels and a bath mat will match perfectly with a pretty faux flower arrangement, which brings us to...

Bring The Outside In

For simple summer style, go for the natural touch! Bring the beauty of summer into your bathroom with a stylish faux flower arrangement or small faux potted plant - think roses or peonies for that high summer feel. If you’re a little more green-fingered, then something like a fern will breathe life into your bathroom space, or how about an aloe plant or small cactus? Greenery is the perfect way to bring the outside into your bathroom design.

Let In The Light 

As any interiors expert will tell you, it’s all about the natural light! Of course, the number of windows your bathroom has isn’t really under your control, but open up as much as possible and if not, there are some ways you can maximise on the natural light available to you. A large mirror is a great way to open up a space, you could get a backlit, steam free one to carry you through to the winter months as well. Your colour scheme also plays a big part; white, neutral and pale tones will reflect the light and make the room feel brighter.

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