Energy Saving Changes You Can Make To Your Bathroom

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Design is always an important factor when it comes to your bathroom interior, but function has to play its part as well.


Investing in saving energy in your bathroom will pay dividends in the future, reducing your energy bills and increasing the sale price of your house. You can make small changes or big, but there is always something that can be done to improve your energy consumption. 


Extractor Fans

Condensation can be a major issue in bathrooms big and small, and if you have to open windows to clear it you can be losing energy trying to heat the room back up again! Installing an energy saving extractor fan is a simple solution to this problem. Extractor fans remove moisture from the air, reducing condensation and its associated problems. To save even more energy, think about replacing your old extractor fan with one that has heat recovery facilities, which will heat up the cold air in the room and reducing your heating bills. 


Use Less Water 

It’s an obvious one but it still bears repeating; we’re all guilty of using too much water in the bathroom, whether it’s leaving the tap running or choosing the bath over a shower. By being just a little mindful of our water consumption, we can make big changes to our energy consumption. If you need a little help, you could always consider installing low flow taps or an energy saving showerhead that will do the work for you! A dual flush toilet is also a good addition, meaning you can choose to use less water per flush.



Whilst this is a bit tricky if you’re only looking to make small changes, if you are designing a new bathroom or remodelling your existing one, adding extra insulation in the walls will reduce your spend on energy bills for heating the bathroom as it will retain the heat much more effectively. You can even add insulation to your pipes, keeping your water hotter for longer.



This is true for the whole house, not just the bathroom, but switching out your old light bulbs for new energy efficient ones is an easy switch. The bulbs themselves may be more expensive but they will make for great savings on your energy bills in the future.


Big Changes

If you have the budget and the time, you may well be considering a full bathroom renovation anyway. In that case there are some bigger, more substantial changes you can make to help save energy. Double glazing, underfloor heating, insulation, low flush toilets and low flow taps throughout are just some of the items you should consider. Not only to help reduce your bills and your impact on the environment.

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