Breathe Some Life Into Your Bathroom With Indoor Plants

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We’ve spoken a few times in recent articles about the advantages of having a little greenery in your bathroom.

It’s a growing trend for bathroom interiors and one that we are big fans of here at Opulenza. It’s a simple, budget friendly way to breathe new life into your bathroom space!

Keeping plants in your bathroom can be very beneficial, as certain types will actually help to purify the air, reducing the build up of mould and mildew that can be caused by the humid environment of the bathroom. Choosing the right type of plant is crucial, but most are very low maintenance, thriving in the humid and moist environment of a bathroom and adding an effortlessly stylish design element at the same time.

What types of plant are most suited for the bathroom?



Ferns make the perfect houseplant, but the bathroom is where they’ll really thrive. The damp and humidity will echo the rainforest environment that they love and they will do well in low light also. Ferns have been the subject of research for their ability to remove pollutants from the atmosphere, so they are more than just ornamental.

Spider Plants


Not the most green fingered of people? A spider plant is the perfect option for you. Spider plants are almost impossible to kill, all they require is a little sunlight and these resilient little plants will take care of themselves and will make a pretty addition to your bathroom windowsill.



Famous for it’s many health benefits, an Aloe plant is another pretty little plant that loves a humid environment. Pop it on the bathroom windowsill so it can get a little sunlight and let it breathe life into the room. 

Peace Lily


A peace lily is a really beautiful little plant that will add that touch of elegance to your bathroom. They need minimal sunlight and watering and will do best if you place them near your shower so that they can get a light daily misting. Pot them in a stylish vase to complete the luxury effect.



If you’re after something to make a bit more of a statement than a small pot plant, then why not go for a bamboo plant that could be a larger focal point for the bathroom? They need hardly and light and water, but be aware that they grow very quickly, so you will need to give them an occasional trim or you risk being overrun!  

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