Everything You Need To Know About Wet Rooms And Walk In Showers

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When it comes to modern bathroom design, walk in showers and wet rooms are a popular choice and have many benefits.


They are ideal for making the most of smaller spaces, they give a bathroom a more ‘open’ feel, they are suitable for people of limited mobility, they’re easy to clean and maintain, but they still retain an element of design and style.  What’s more, with their durable and modern designs, installing a wet room or walk in shower is sure to increase the value of your home.


What’s The Difference?


A walk in shower is typically made up of a low-level shower tray with one or two glass screens surrounding it, whereas a wet room is an entirely open space with a graduated floor that allows water to flow towards a drain. You may still choose to have a glass screen for the shower in your wet room, but it will likely only be on one edge, leaving the rest open.


Which Should I Choose?


Budget and time restraints are the main factors in deciding whether to go for a walk-in shower or a wet room.

Turning your bathroom into a wet room isn’t a small project; the entire room will need sealing and waterproofing and you will likely want to install underfloor heating. The flooring also needs to be adjusted so that it has a gradient to allow water to drain away effectively. This is an investment of both time and money, however it will be worthwhile and ultimately add value to your home.

Installing a walk-in shower on the other hand is not such a big undertaking and is certainly a more budget friendly option. There is no huge bathroom overhaul needed to install a walk-in shower and both the parts and fitting needn’t cost a bomb and you still end up with something really stylish and modern – a great addition to any modern bathroom suite.


The Perfect Addition To Your Bathroom


There are a huge range of shapes and styles available, so you are sure to be able to find something that suits your bathroom. The addition of a luxury waterfall showerhead, high tech shower systems, underfloor heating or designer shower screens will allow you to create something unique that can be a real focal point for your bathroom. 


If you're interested in installing either a walk-in shower or a wet room, Opulenza are here to help! Stop by our showroom or find our contact details here.

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