Bathroom Flooring Inspiration

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Whether you are designing a new bathroom or just looking to refresh the décor of your existing space, don’t overlook the flooring as an important design element. Bathroom flooring needn’t be drab, inject some style into the room and get creative with your floor space!

Creative Grouting

White grouting can make your tiles look tired and dull as it’s always difficult to keep it sparkling clean and white. So why not switch things up a bit and go for coloured grouting? You can choose a dramatic contrasting shade to your tiles for a really standout look. You can even buy glitter grout for a truly unique look, although admittedly that might not be for everyone!

Mixing Materials

Indecisive when it comes to choosing your flooring? Why not mix it up! Laminate, wood, stone or tile, you could use different materials to define different areas within the bathroom, or to create borders and design features. This is an easy way to achieve an eclectic look.

Tile Up-Stands

This is a great alternative to traditional skirting board on the bathroom and is a great way to create a more open, continuous flow to you bathroom décor. All you have to do is continue your floor tiles part way up the walls for a really interesting design feature – just make sure that your tiles are suitable for both walls and floors.

Shape Shifting

Don’t just limit yourself to square tiles! There’s a wide range of designs and styles available to create a fantastic mosaic pattern for your bathroom. Hexagonal tiles work really well to create an interesting pattern; you could do them in a solid statement colour or try monochrome for a more classic design.


As above, you can create patterns with the tiles themselves; colourful mosaics or monochrome stripes work really well. If you aren’t brave enough to create your own patterns, you can buy some really stunning patterned tiles or flooring to give your bathroom the wow factor with minimal effort.


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