Dealing With Mould In The Bathroom

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A build up of mould in the bathroom is a common problem.

Even if you keep your bathroom well ventilated, there are often still damp corners where mould can grow and not only is it unsightly, but it can also affect your health, so you need to know how to deal with it and keep your bathroom looking in tip top condition.

Mould is a type of fungi that forms in damp areas, often caused by poor ventilation. When moisture builds up it creates the perfect breeding ground for mould spores. This means that the best and most effective way to deal with mould in the bathroom is to prevent moisture build-up in the first place.

Removing Mould

Of course, you can purchase a myriad of cleaning sprays, foams and gels that promise to remove bathroom mould. Just apply, leave for the required time and then wipe away the mould and rinse. You don’t have to spend a fortune on special cleansers though! The truth is, a simple mix of equal parts household bleach and warm water will do the job just as well.

Preventing Mould

Good ventilation is key here. If you have an extractor fan in your bathroom makes sure to have it on every time you use the bath or shower and to leave it running for 10 minutes or so afterwards, to clear all the lingering steam and ensure the moisture doesn’t settle. If you don’t have an extractor fan, try to leave a window open to let excess moisture escape. If you have any problem areas where you know water tends to settle, try to remember to wipe them down after you use the shower. In general, it’s important to keep the bathroom clean by giving it a regular once over, about once a week. 

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