5 Bathroom Interior Ideas

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Are you planning on a bathroom renovation for the New Year?

There’s a whole world of design ideas out there and it’s exciting to have a blank canvas to create your ideal bathroom. Whether you’re looking to go for something more traditional, or you prefer an ultra modern look, here are a few ideas from us for your new bathroom interior design…

1. Rose Gold

Rose gold and copper are a huge trend right now and we are seeing this influence across many sectors, from jewellery to kitchen accessories, to bathrooms! Using rose gold or copper in your bathroom design will create a fabulous, unique look – you could try installing rose gold taps, shower mixers or even a radiator. Paired with some rose gold accents in your kitchen accessories; soap dispensers, toothbrush holders etc., this is a really elegant look for you new bathroom.

2. Vertical Radiator

A designer radiator is the perfect statement piece for a stylish bathroom. Mix fashion with function by going for a vertical radiator to save on space and maximise on style! There are some really funky designs available in a variety and shapes, materials and colours, so you’re sure to be able to find something to suit your space.

3. Statement Tiles

Whether you choose the walls or the floors, adding some statement tiles is the perfect way to add some design flair to your new bathroom. Eclectic Moroccan patterns or bold graphic styles, this is a relatively easy and cost effective way to create big impact with your bathroom design. You could choose to tile a whole wall, or create a border, or add statement sections to your tiled floor, the possibilities are endless!

4. Digital Shower

If you’re going for an ultra modern design, then a digital shower is a must-have for your new bathroom. With a digital shower you can control the exact temperature of your shower, and even set it up to come on before you get in – no more waiting with your hand under the water for it to warm up!

5. Vintage Bathtub

If you’re more of a traditionalist when it comes to design, then a vintage bathtub makes the perfect centrepiece for this style of bathroom. An elegant, freestanding claw-foot tub is a fabulous statement piece that will bring effortless glamour to your new bathroom.

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