Trend Watch: How To Use Grey In Your Bathroom Design

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You might think of it as a colour that is uninspiring, industrial and reminiscent of rainy days, but you couldn't be further from the truth! Grey is the must-have colour for interior design at the moment, and the bathroom is no exception.

It's not an easy shade to incorporate into your bathroom design, but if done well it can have real impact. Why is it so popular? Well, it's timeless really. Bold shades and trends come and go, but something neutral such as grey tones will stay relevant without you being stuck with a dull old magnolia suite.

This is colour that lends itself well to ultramodern design. It will compliment sharp lines, sleek modern fittings and shiny chrome furnishings. Think high-tech contemporary design and if you incorporate a grey colour scheme it will tie it all together perfectly. So what's the best way to incorporate it into your design?

Tiles are a great place to start, as you can choose to cover as much or as little of the space as you want. So, if you would rather have subtle grey accents then you can use decorative tiles in varying shades to highlight certain areas or create patterns and contrast. Similarly, if you choose to paint the walls with a grey colour palette, you could use it to create a bold feature wall or you could use a more subtle shade to cover all of the walls. This is a versatile design choice that you can adapt to suit your overall vision.

You aren't limited to only wall coverings with this colour scheme either. There are a wide variety of grey-toned fixtures, fittings and furnishings to choose from that would highlight your bathroom perfectly. You could go for a bolder, darker shade for the furniture - contrasting with a white bathroom suite this would be quite striking. Consider also the finishing touches and accessories; towel sets, bath mats and shower curtains are all opportunities to introduce a colour scheme - even co-ordinating soaps and toiletries will add to the overall look!

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