Brightening Up Your Bathroom With A Splash Of Paint

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Is your bathroom suite feeling tired, dull and in need of a little livening up?

You don't have to rip out the whole suite and start again with a complete remodel, adding a splash of paint is a simple, quick way to inject some vibrancy into your bathroom without breaking the bank, so grab some tester pots and give it a go!

We're talking bright and bold here - stay away from the magnolia paint! Using vibrant shades to create accents and features throughout the bathroom is a great way to give it some character and bring some brightness into your tired old bathroom suite. You don't have to go over the top; it can be subtle whilst still creating big impact. Weild your paintbrush wisely and you can create a fabulous eclectic look...

Of course, if you want to you could go the whole hog and create a feature wall. Choose one bold colour and choose one wall to make a feature of and it can create a stunning effect. You can then choose to accent the colour with matching towels and bath mats etc. to bring the whole room together.

If you aren't ready for a feature wall but still want to introduce some colour, you can choose some smaller scale areas to accent with paint and create a quirky, eclectic look. How about the edge of the bathroom door? It's subtle but creates a unique look and a surprise as it won't always be visible! If you want to take this idea further, you could paint the entire door in a bold colour, either one side or both for a really standout look.

Another great idea is to make a feature of the window frame. Of course, this idea will only work if you have wooden window frames, but painting them in a bold colour (make sure to put masking tape on the glass first!) creates a really great effect. Try sunshine yellow to brighten up a grey day when you look outside!

Painting the walls can be a big job and sometimes too much colour can overwhelm a relatively small space such as the bathroom. A great compromise on this is to paint the skirting boards with a bright shade, bringing a subtle hit of colour without being too in your face!

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