How A Few Simple Accessories Can Transform Your Bathroom

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Tired of your dull, plain old bathroom suite but not in the market for a remodel? Never underestimate the power of accessories to transform your bathroom from drab to fab!

The perfect accessories can make an outfit, the same goes for the bathroom! You can give your tired bathroom a stylish makeover in a flash with some well chosen accessories; whether its introducing a new colour scheme, adding some sparkle and glamour or keeping things chic and sophisticated, how you accessorize your bathroom can change everything.

Start with those shabby old towels, throw them out and replace them with a bold new pattern or colour, or create a feeling of luxury with soft, fluffy spa-like towels. Whatever you go for, matching them with your bath mat and perhaps even the shower curtain is a great way to bring the room together and create a theme with minimum effort. Soft furnishings in the bathroom are a great way to bring in different textures, colours and patterns.

Decorative storage is another great way to bring functional style to your bathroom. You don’t want your bathroom looking cluttered, but at the same time you don’t want ugly plastic storage tubs taking up space either. A more elegant solution is to choose colourful baskets to act as functional and fashionable storage.

Don’t just focus on function though, your bathroom needs a bit of decoration just like any other room in the house – don’t neglect it! Decorative bathroom accessories come in all forms and it really depends on what theme you are going with. Nautical? How about some seashells to decorate the windowsill. Vintage? How about an ornate statement mirror to give big design impact. Minimalist? Try some stylish yet simple photo prints for the walls.

The possibilities are endless!

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