Monochrome Bathroom Design

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When it comes to bathroom decor, going with a monochrome colour scheme is a classic choice.

It guarantees you timeless style and a bathroom suite that won't date. Your bathroom decor isn't something that you want to be constantly updating, changing the tiles and repainting the walls with each passing trend would soon become expensive! So opting for a monochrome theme is opting for a style that endures.

Black and white might seem like a simple colour scheme, but it is a bold choice and can give real impact with its standout graphic simplicity. For a bathroom it is ideal, as it helps to create a functional, clean feeling in a space such as the bathroom, where clean lines and strong angles are dominant features. 

Monochrome bathroom design is a very versatile theme, ranging from the simple to the bold; you can adapt it to suit your tastes. You can go for simple block colours - white walls with black and dark wood furnishings. Monochrome tile designs are also a popular choice for both the walls and flooring, whether you go for a bold geometric pattern or a more subtle accented pattern, these can really pack a punch.

Remember to make use of accessories as well as focussing on the walls and decoration. If chevron tile designs or feature walls are too bold for your tastes, you can add monochrome accents in a more subtle way through simple things such as your choice of towel, soap dispenser, bath mat or shower curtain.

The great thing about a monochrome colour scheme is that more often than not it doesn't require a huge overhaul of your bathroom design. The majority of us have plain old white bathroom suites...well, that means you're already half way there! Because of this, it is also a good choice if you want to create a more stylish bathroom but are restricted by your budget.

You don't need big bucks to give your bathroom big impact!

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