Quick And Easy Improvements To Update Your Bathroom

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A complete bathroom renovation isn’t always possible, whether that’s due to time or money constraints, for most of us it just isn’t feasible. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things you can do to modernise your bathroom that don’t require the same investment of time and money. There are plenty of small improvements you can make to update your bathroom space.

Go Big With Your Mirror

Investing in a statement mirror can totally transform your bathroom. A large mirror will create the illusion of more space, giving the room a more open and airy feel, reflecting the light and creating a brighter space. You can also now get backlit mirrors, with built-in LEDs to illuminate your mornings and give you a better light to work with.

Opt For A Vanity Unit

The latest trend in bathroom design is to switch out a regular basin for an all-in-one vanity unit. Space saving and stylish, this is sure to transform the look of your bathroom. It will give you space to tidy away clutter without taking up too much space itself. There are a wide range of design options, so you can find one to fit the size and shape of your bathroom. A vanity unit is the perfect addition to a modern, minimalist space.


We recently did a blog post on how to use accessories in the bathroom, which you can read here. In short, don’t neglect those finishing touches – they make all the difference! Updating your fixtures and fittings is a simple, cost effective way to update your bathroom, You can go for shiny, sleek chrome or maybe retro style mixers, whatever suits your style!

Add A Designer Touch

Designer radiators and towel warmers are a great way to add a real touch of style to a bathroom space, You can get some really different designs that will be a statement piece, guaranteed to bring some designer chic style into any bathroom space. Fashionable and functional all in one!

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