Creating A Family-Friendly Bathroom With Style

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When you have one bathroom to serve the whole family, you want to be sure it’s a suitable space for everyone from young to old. You want it to be stylish but it also has to be functional, practical and safe and this can be a difficult balance to find. Here we’ve put together a few tips to help you create a family-friendly bathroom with style…

Wall-hung Fittings 

Wall hung fittings are a stylish, functional way to furnish your bathroom, and if you choose to install them at mid-height, they will be suitable for the whole family – no step-up’s required! Having the basin at a lower height is a great way to encourage your little ones to wash their hands and brush their teeth.

Thermostatic Shower

Having a thermostatic shower in your family bathroom is the best way to avoid accidental scalding, of little ones and yourself! A thermostatic shower adjusts the temperature of your shower while taking into account changes in the water flow – so if someone runs the tap downstairs you won’t get a fright! 


Installing a shower bath in your family bathroom is the ideal way to make sure it is suitable for everyone. When the children are small they can still have baths, while you can enjoy a good hot shower without having to install a separate shower unit. Even when the children are older, you will still have the option to enjoy a relaxing soak when you need it. 

Adjustable Shower 

When your little ones start to grow up and want to use the shower instead of having a bath, having an adjustable shower head will be ideal! That way they can be grown up and have a shower, adjusting the shower head down to their height and then back up to adult height when they are finished. 

Large Towel Rail 

Everybody wants warm, fluffy towels to wrap themselves up in on a frosty morning after leaving the comfort of a hot shower or bath. Installing a large heated towel rail will mean that you can keep the whole family’s towels warm and dry, and because it is wall mounted it won’t take up too much precious space. 

Soft Close Toilet

This isn’t vital to a family bathroom, but it will avoid getting little fingers caught and prevent you from having to hear that familiar, distant BANG of someone accidentally dropping the toilet seat lid…

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