Why A Vanity Unit Is The Must-Have Piece Of Bathroom Furniture

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When it comes to renovating or updating your bathroom, you definitely want to consider a vanity unit. Combining functionality with style, this piece of furniture is becoming essential for any bathroom, big or small.


Vanity units come in a range of shapes and sizes, so you're sure to be able to find one that fits your needs. Whether you have a large bathroom, a small one or a tiny cloakroom space, the vanity unit is ideal. Compact designs are ideal for saving space, allowing for storage as well as functionality. For larger bathrooms, you could go for a large double vanity unit, with side by side basins to make your mornings just that little bit easier - no more fighting for space!

Whatever the size of your bathroom, vanity units are essential for creating storage space where previous there would have been none. The conventional pedestal basin simply creates dead space that could otherwise have been used, meaning your bathroom can easily become cluttered when you have to install extra cupboards. The vanity unit effectively combines the basin unit with a storage unit, making the most of your space whilst remaining stylish.

When it comes to style, there are a huge variety to choose from, so you're sure to be able to find one that suits your bathroom décor. Whether that be modern and sleek with clean lines or more traditional wooden or white gloss, or even make it a statement piece and choose a brightly coloured unit.

Vanity units usually come in two styles: floorstanding and wall mounted. Wall mounted units have a more modern, clean look so would be suited to a more contemporary style bathroom. Floorstanding designs tend to be a bit more traditional, more suited to a country style bathroom for a classic look.

This is a really simple, cost effective way to give your bathroom a style boost, whilst also providing you with extra storage and functionality. You could install a vanity unit yourself, but if you aren't sure then it's always best to get a professional plumber in - you'll save yourself a lot of bother!


If you’re interested in installing a vanity unit in your bathroom, take a look at our range of bathroom furniture here or contact us and see how we could help!

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