Shower vs. Bath

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Just because the space where you clean and freshen yourself contains the word "bath" it doesn't necessarily mean it's a given that the bathtub has the upper hand against its archenemy, the shower. Far from it, according to many people - as the topic of shower versus bath is a hot one that divides opinion and, without meaning to, can quickly land you in hot water with those of a differing opinion.

The simple ritual of cleansing ourselves is a surprisingly divisive issue. Depending on your individual routine - factors include whether you like to wash in the mornings or evenings or both, as well as how you fill your days - you will likely have a preferred option. Like many things in life, the choice we make when it comes to bathing or showering often comes down to how busy we are, what we're like as individuals and the type of house and therefore bathroom we have.


Are you laidback with bags of time in the morning and evenings? Or do you fret about being late for everything and find yourself dashing from place to place at all hours? The answer to these questions will probably determine whether you wash in the shower or bathtub, as one is designed for modern, busy life whereas the other is more about relaxation.

It may be that you long to have a bath in the week but because of the pressures of work and commitments you don't have time to and opt for a shower, as it's far quicker. Or you might simply prefer the shower as you're too impatient to wait for the bath to fill up. Also, your time concerns could be linked to water efficiency - a very quick shower will use far less water than your average bath.  


Apart from the obvious, why do you have a bath or a shower? If it's purely about keeping clean, then you'll probably prefer the shower, as it's easier and quicker. The shower also wins people over when it comes to helping to wake them up in the morning, as the blast of water can be refreshing. Alternatively, if you want to unwind then the bath has the edge - after all, relaxing in the bath with a magazine and a cup of tea is pretty tremendous and hard to beat.

Bathroom Design

Depending on the style of bathroom you have, you may not have the space for a bathtub. Or you might prefer something a little different such as a corner bath or hot tub instead. Of course, if it's not easy for you to pick your favourite, as each has its own unique appeal, you don't have to. Instead, why not carry on enjoying both the bath and shower, choosing one or the other according to your particular mood at the time?

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