Bathroom Design Tips

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With the sun shining, everyhting seems better - even a tired bathroom!

As the light streams through the curtains or blinds, even an avocado suite can start to look fetching with a golden hue upon it. So whether your bathroom is crying out for some taste or simply needs a little lift, you may want to think about its design and areas for improvement.

Now we're sure your bathroom is in good shape and more modern than the favoured suites of the 1970s, but all bathrooms benefit from a few design touches once in a while, and these tips should keep your looking gorgeous for longer.


Unless you're undertaking a complete renovation project it can be hard to play around with the layout of your bathroom. Ideally you want the toilet tucked away in a bathroom, and not the first thing that smacks you between the eyes when you open the door. If you're redesigning your bathroom, an L shape works well as the toilet can be positioned around the corner and out of initial sight. However, there are possibly things you can still do if your toilet is currently in sight and you don't want a completely new bathroom. A modern screen made of galss cubes that sits alongside the toilet works well, for example, or you could make a feature of something else in the bathroom - jazzy floor tiles perhaps, or stunning artifical flowers in one corner - that will draw the eye initially.


A few small yet clever design ideas can make a big difference to how large your bathroom feels. Choose a footed bath rather than one that is closed off, as the exposed floor space gives the impression of a bigger area. And if there isn't really enough room for a bath, it's best to opt for a really great shower than squeeze in a compact bath. Not only will a small bath lack comfort, but it will also make the whole room feel a bit squeezed.


Sometimes you want excellent lighting in the bathroom - such as when you're ahving or applying make-up - while at other times a gentler light is good. Install a dimmer switch and enjoy the right lighting whenever you want. This way you can make bath time more luxurious, using candlelight and very low light to create atmosphere.


This can be a challenge, especially in smaller bathrooms as the last thing you want is for endless bottles and accessories to be on the sides, cluttering the room. Think carefully about where you can put cupboards to try to maximise the space and keep items out of sight. One way to do this is to sit the basin on a piece of furniture and use the inside of this for storage.

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