The Importance of Having Your Bathroom Professionally Installed

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Having a new bathroom fitted is a source of excitement and anticipation.  Looking forward to indulging oneself in a brand new bathroom is one of life’s pleasures, a chance to wallow in the luxury of a brand new suite and, given the chance, to show off the new acquisition to friends and family at any and every opportunity!

Choosing a new bathroom, along with all the new accessories to go with the new decor, is just as important as choosing a new car, or deciding where to go on holiday.  It has to suit every member of the family in its practicality and usefulness as well as being aesthetically pleasing.  But potentially the most important part in choosing the lovely new bathroom is one which often comes further down the list of priorities and that is – who is going to install it?   

DIY versus Professional

It is true that doing any major renovation or re-fitting work yourself can bring an enormous sense of personal satisfaction as well as saving a substantial amount of money.  And simple cosmetic updates can easily be carried out by most reasonably competent people.  But, there are some jobs which, if you are unsure of what you are doing can, in the long run cost you a lot more if you get it wrong.  Bathroom installation is probably one of those jobs which are best left to the professionals.

When you think about what is involved in the installation of a new bathroom you will soon see why it is a much bigger task than you thought.  A complete new bathroom suite will comprise a new pedestal basin, sink, toilet and bath and/or shower which will all need to be properly sealed.  The chances are, if the suite you are replacing is more than a few years old the new fitments will be smaller and of a different contemporary style.  This means you will have gaps in the flooring, which will have to be replaced and probably gaps where the wall tiles don’t meet.  So you’ll need to re-tile and fit new flooring.

New taps and pipework will have to be fitted by a qualified plumber and any new electrical work such as installing a shower, extractor fan or underfloor heating must be carried out by a qualified electrician.  A reputable company only employs suitably qualified fitters.

Consider whether you actually have the time, patience and skills needed to install a bathroom and you will soon realise the importance of hiring a professional installer.

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