How To Create A Bathroom For Couples

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Living together as a couple is not always easy, especially with the added complication of badly designed bathroom. To help take away that extra pressure, here we have outlined everything you need to know to help you create a bathroom design for you both.

The key to great bathroom design is ensuring that your space is practical. Whether your bathroom is small or large, the create layout will still give you both everything you need.

Considering a double basin

One of the first elements to help you on your way to living in harmony is a double basin. No waiting around for your loved one to finish brushing their teeth, combing their hair or shaving, you will be able to come and go as you please without the annoyance of getting in each others way. For small bathrooms you can use two pedestal basins or wall mounted and for larger bathrooms installing basins into a storage unit is very effective; this also allows for ample storage and organisation of your toiletries. And rather then fighting over one mirror, having a double basin with double mirror above is not only practical, but also a great design feature. When installing a double basin into your new bathroom it is also worth spending some time considering lighting, ensuring that both users will get the right amount of light over each basin.

Shower choices

Another way to make your bathroom work you both of you is to install a double shower within a walk in enclosure or a single shower and separate bath. That way you are not fighting over who can get ready first. A great addition to any bathroom is a double ended bathtub, this opulent touch also means you can both relax simultaneously.


When it comes to finishing touches such as colour scheme it is a good idea to stick to neutral tones that appeal to all. Another helpful tip is to take inspiration from hotel bathrooms, as they are generally universal in style and of course luxurious; after all who doesn’t want a lavish bathroom to escape to regardless of having to share it!

The final element of your bathroom is towels, toiletries and accessories’ and ensuring you have plenty of storage is essential when there are two of you. Adding wall units, shelves and heated towel rails will help keep everything organised.

Having a well-designed bathroom, in terms of layout and finish will help you avoid unnecessary chaos in life and in your relationship!

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