Essential Bathroom Maintenance Products

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Daily we are in there, cleaning teeth, washing hair, scrubbing bodies and so on and we often invite guests to do the same. So it’s really no wonder that it’s the room that’s the most prone to the spread of illness-causing bacteria. In addition to this, a bathroom is exposed to humidity and moisture that, over time, can allow for the growth of lime scales, moulds and mildews which can not only be dangerous to the home, but also to your health.

Keeping your bathroom clean

Taking a few minutes a day to clean your bathroom prevents it being a major job at the end of the week. If you get into a routine of simple, daily cleaning then this is the most effective long-term solution for a shiny, sparkly and safe bathroom. For example, each time you have a shower take a few moments to wipe down the tub, faucets and taps with a cloth to remove soap scum and prevent mineral deposits. The key is to include prevention techniques with your regular cleaning maintenance.

What products to use and how to use them

Use disinfectant wipes or sprays on; door knobs, cupboard handles, shower doors, faucets and toilet flushers to kill germs on contact. These are high-touch areas, although rarely thought about when incorporating a cleaning routine. According to the National Institutes of Health, the Rhinoviruses that cause colds have the ability to survive up to three hours, so by cleaning your surfaces with a good disinfectant this can help to stop infections spreading. It can also mean that the cleaning of the bathroom isn’t going to be such a big job, as you’re keeping on top of it as you go.

Ideally a toilet should be cleaned daily, including under the seat and around the u-bend. The products available for toilet cleaning are endless but the key ingredient to all is bleach; it makes cleaning easier, is tough on stains and there is the added benefit of sanitation. Many people presume that products such as cistern blocks or rim blocks are sufficient for cleaning a toilet but this isn’t the case and they can actually have detrimental effects; harbouring germs and bacteria as well as often turning to a nasty sludge at the bottom of your cistern. All a toilet really needs is bleach based cleaner, a toilet brush and some old-fashioned elbow grease to maintain a sparkling shine.
Happy cleaning!

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